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Diversity Through Music​

Tokyo Repertory Singers (TRS) is comprised of singers of various backgrounds from all over the world. We celebrate diversity and challenge ourselves through the exploration and singing of a variety of music regardless of the era or language it was written in.

Gospel Group

Why TRS?

What makes us... US!


Diverse Repertoire

In order to improve our skills as musicians and deepen our understanding the world at large, TRS endeavors to sing a variety of repertoire regardless of the era or language in which it was written. We sing music not just from Japan, but also from around the world!


We're Multicultural/Multilingual

TRS is made up of members from Japan and around the world. Members can experience different language through our music as well as in their interactions with other members. Our rehearsals are also conducted bilingually in English and Japanese!


Regular Vocal Training

TRS members receive regular voice training from a professional training regularly. Lessons are done in a group and individual training format. This makes it possible for all to get individualized support on their vocal journey.


Everyone is Welcome Here

Whatever your background, if you love music and singing, we have a place for you here. We welcome all people from all ethnicities and are also LGBTQIA+ friendly! 

Now Recruiting Members!

TRS is now recruiting singers of all of all genders, races, religions, and general backgrounds to join us!

Contact us to set up your visit today!

Contact Us

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ALL Races ALL Religions ALL Countries of Origin
ALL Sexual Orientations ALL Genders

We stand with YOU, You are SAFE here

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