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  • Brian Munguia

Songs in Progress Reveal - Tokyo Repertory Singers

In our group description, we often state that we sing “‘classical’ music of varying styles” but what does that mean and why is the word “classical” in quotes?

If you know your music history, “classical” refers to an era in music history that ranges from the mid-18th century until about the first quarter of the 19th century (The eras of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven).

While we do sing music from this era it is not our focus. Instead we aim to have a diverse repertoire including music from before and after this period as well as music from the modern day. This includes barbershop, pops, and other styles.

Currently TRS is working in the following repertoire:

More music to come!

This year we aim to perform music that is representative of our members and where they come from. We look forward to sharing this music with as many people as possible.

If you live in Tokyo or the surrounding area, like to sing, and would like to make new friends (foreign and Japanese alike), please reach out to schedule a visit!

To schedule your visit and possibly join, submit an inquiry via our website!

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