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  • Where is the rehearsal venue?
    We rehearse at various public facilities within Tokyo's central 23 wards. Venues booked based on availability at each facility and we are therefore do not have a set location for our rehearsals. We announce locations on around the 10th day of every month to our group members.
  • Is it necessary to participate in all events throughout the year?
    We participate in choral festivals, contests, and competitions year-round. While it is not required to participate in all of these events, members are required to sing in our regular concert.
  • I cannot make it to rehearsal every week. Can I still join TRS?
    We understand that everybody has work and family commitments. It is also normal for people to fall ill. Therefore, 100% attendance is not required. However, regular practice outside of rehearsal (at home, etc.) is expected of all of our singers.
  • How and by when should membership dues be paid?
    The last day of the month is the due date for membership fees for the following month (i.e. advance payment). Payments should be made via bank transfer or PayPal (Credit Card). As a general rule, we do not accept cash payments for membership dues. For information about membership fees, see our "Join Us" page.
  • Are Visits Required?
    Rehearsal visits are requirement for joining the group. After visiting 2~3 times, you may speak with a part-leader or choir president to express your desire to join. To schedule your visit, please contact us here.
  • Do I need to visit 2~3 rehearsals in a row?
    It is not necessary to visit rehearsal for 2~3 successive weeks. We understand that work and family responsibilities may make this difficult. Therefore, it is okay to take some time between visits.
  • Is there an audition to join TRS?
    Currently, no audition is necessary to join TRS.
  • I have never studied music theory nor can I read sheet music. Can I still join TRS?
    Under certain circumstances we do accept those without knowledge of music theory or are unable to read sheet music. Please contact us for more details.
  • Can I join TRS without any prior choral or music experience?
    In principle, we only accept those with prior choral or other music experience. However, under special circumstances, non-experience people may join the group. Please contact us for further details.
  • I do not live in Tokyo. Can I still join TRS?
    If you live within 90-minutes of the central 23 wards, you can join the group. This includes areas such as Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitama prefectures. If you live more than 90 minutes away, we do have a system in which we can accept you as an irregular member. Please contact us for more details.
  • Is there an age limit to join TRS?
    You must be at least 18 years of age to join TRS. There is no upper age limit.
  • I do not speak Japanese. Can I still join TRS?
    Japanese and English are both used in rehearsals (i.e. rehearsals are instructed bilingually). Therefore, knowledge or Japanese or other languages is not a requirement for joining the group.
  • Are there family or married couple discounts on membership dues?
    Regrettably, we do not offer family discounts or married couple discounts on membership dues.
  • What languages do you sing in? Will I be able to sing even even I don't know the language?
    TRS endeavors to sing a variety of repertoire regardless of language. When singing in a foreign language we make use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) when teaching diction/pronunciation. We also teach diction/pronunciation rules. It is thanks to this instruction that we are able to sing in foreign languages with more confidence and even beginners can feel at ease doing so.
  • Are there group get-togethers or other opportunities to get to know the other members?
    Between 2021-2022 it was our policy to not have get-togethers outside of rehearsals in order to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. However, we intend to provide more opportunities to gather outside of rehearsal starting in 2023. Also, there are no rules preventing members from going out together before or after rehearsals for tea or a meal so we encourage everybody who joins to take the opportunity to get to know their fellow singers.
  • Are LGBTQ+ people welcome to join the group?
    YES! We accept all people regardless of their sexuality or gender. If you have even the slightest interest in our group, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • I don't know my voice part/I haven't sung in a long time and my voice might have changed. What should I do?
    We can do a simple voice check if you are unsure of your vocal range or voice part. In this case, please contact us to schedule your visit and we can perform the check when we see you.
  • What languages are rehearsals conducted in?
    Since we have member who do not understand English as well as members who do not understand Japanese, we conduct rehearsals bilingually in both languages.
  • Can I be a short-term member?
    In principle we ask for at least a one-year commitment. However, there are cases where we can allow for temporary membership so perform with us at choral festivals or competitions.
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